The Workbook is given to the player by Presley at the start of the game, after he brings you to your home and workshop. The workbook accompanies the workshop - but, more specifically, it is used to guide you on crafting items on the assembly station.

Recipes Edit

Stone Furnace

  • Wood x10
  • Stone Stool x1 (Lv1 Workshop: Stone x10)


  • Stone Brick x5 (Furnace: Stone x50)
  • Copper Blade x2 (Lv1 Workshop: Copper Bar x4 [Furnace: Copper Ore x12])

Basic Skiver

  • Wood x10
  • Copper Plate x1 (Lv1 Workshop: Copper Bar x3 [Furnace: Copper Ore x9])


  • Wood x10
  • Copper Pipe x3 (Lv1 Workshop: Copper Bar x6 [Furnace: Copper Ore x18])

Wooden Bridge Head

  • Copper Pipe x3 (Lv1 Workshop: Copper Bar x6 [Furnace: Copper Ore x18])
  • Hardwood Plank x5 (Woodcutter: Hardwood x25)

Wooden Bridge Body

  • Stone Brick x8 (Furnace: Stone x64)
  • Bronze Plate x10 (Lv2 Workshop: Bronze Bar x30 [Furnace: Copper Ore x120 + Tin Ore x30])

Dee Dee Transport

  • Glass x10 (Furnace: Sand x80)
  • Single Seat x4 (Lv1 Workshop: Wooden Board x8 [Woodcutter: Wood x64] + Leather x4 [Skiver: Fur x8 + Plant Fiber x8])
  • Fiber Cloth x20 (Skiver: Worn Fur x40 + Plant Fiber x40)
  • Rubber Tire x3 (Lv1 Workshop: Rubber Fruit x27 + Bronze Bar x6 [Furnace: Copper Ore x24 + Tin Ore x6])
  • Copper Bar x20 (Furnace: Copper Ore x60)
  • Small Engine

Water Tank

  • Wooden Board x4 (Woodcutter: Wood x32)
  • Stone Brick x5 (Furnace: Stone x50)

Gallery Edit

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