Blueprint worktable lv2 upgrade

The Worktable is a crafting station and the first and primary station the player obtains. The worktable was left behind by Pa after the player inherits his Workshop. Unlike other crafting stations, the worktable is a one-of-a-kind object and cannot be created via the Assembly station. The Worktable can be upgraded to higher levels, allowing for more craftable items. All items crafted from the Worktable are crafted instantly, provided that all required materials are in possession.

To move the Worktable to another location on your property, visit A&G Construction. Next to the Upgrade button is a Move button. When you click on it, an overhead view of your property will appear and you can move and rotate the Worktable from there.


There are five categories: equipment, parts, furniture, gifts, and mission. The first four are general categories, although the gift category is not available during Alpha 2.0. The mission category will contain items that are part of missions for ease of access.

Upgrading the worktableEdit

The worktable can be upgraded from the A&G Construction.

Item Ressources
Worktable lvl-2
Wooden Board
20 Wooden Board
Old Parts
5 Old Parts
Worktable lvl-3
Hardwood Plank
30 Hardwood Plank
Old Parts
30 Old Parts